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I hate you.
Because I love you.
I love you.
I don’t know why.
Why DO I love you?
When I’m with you,
I am ecstatic.
But when I am apart from you,
Everything hurts.
I can think clearly.
My hearts quakes when I’m with you.
My heart breaks when I’m not.
I can’t understand it at all.
I hate you for making me feel this way.
I hate you for making me feel.
I hate that I am so utterly
and disgustingly
in love with you.
Because I know you don’t reciprocate.
I hate you.
Because I love you.
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I’m so very tired.
Everything hurts.
Everything is exhausting.
my body is tired
i can’t move my muscles
I’m too tired to get out of bed.
Eating is exhausting.
If I stopped,
How long before my body wasted away,
eating itself,
trying to supply enough energy
so that I may simply
But ‘simply being’ is tiring too.
I’m so tired.
I want to sleep
And never awake.
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I can hear it
And I hate it.
Is it because of my supposèd
heightened sensitivity?
Or am I actually that weak,
that I can hear
my own
It’s always there.
I’m always aware of it.
I can feel it,
almost like a headache,
in the back of my head.
And at the tips of my fingers,
like after having caught them
whilst closing a door.
I can hear it
in my eardrums;
always shocking me
with its volume.
I can see it too.
At the edge of my vision,
Everything in the periphery
seems to be pulsating.
It is unnerving.
And if I dare to look
upon my breast,
about the area wherein mine heart should reside,
I can see my skin beating in time.
I hate this weak heart if mine.
I hate feeling it
and hearing it
and seeing it when
I do not actively wish to do so.
It makes me ever so more scared that
it will collapse
and give up on me.
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I need help.
I can’t keep doing this
to myself.
I want to be happy.
I want to feel happy.
I want to feel.
But I can’t.
I won’t let myself.
Someone help me.
Someone stop me.
I’m begging.
Keep me from self-destructing.
I need help.
Keep me from self-sabotaging.
I know I’m hurting myself;
I can’t stop it.
Help me.
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/Am/ I your friend?
I’d like to think so.
But  I think we both know the truth.
You don’t see me as “friend”.
You use me like a tool;
And we both know that it is
Because I let you.
So please continue to do so.
You ignore me for months on end,
Seemingly pointedly,
Yet expect me to come running
back each time like some mutt
whenever you feel that I am of use to you.
If you had wanted a pet,
You should’ve asked.
…You’re a terrible “Master”.
A real dog would’ve run away
Long before now.
So what am I to you?
What do you see me as?

I see you as someone dear to me.
I know that I love you
But it’s not the same ‘color’
as loving someone as a lover or a mate.
Nor is it the same ‘color’
of love that I hold for my kin.
But it /is/ the same ‘volume’.
How is it possible to love you this ‘loudly’
But in the wrong ‘color’?
I don’t have the right words
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honest fool
There are people who are smart,
People who are brilliant,
People who are average,
And people who are idiots.
But what am I,
and what are you?
What qualifies each person-?
Under what circumstances-?
Am I actually as “brilliant”
as I was always led to believe?
No. I don’t think so.
I think
I’ve always been a fool:
A fool who sees everything,
unbiased and honestly.
A fool who sees the truth,
but can’t deny it.
I pity this being.
Having to live
without being able to deceive even themself.
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I'm Sorry
I finally realized that my traumatic past has been catching up to me. My unresolved fears and pain of abandonment as a child by my parents has seeped into my adult life. It triggers extreme reactions in me that drives people close to me away.
I like to pretend to be strong. That whatever comes at me in life, I'll just pull myself up again and get over it. I'd like to believe that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. I'd like to pretend that if I somehow draw out pain, and put it on canvas, that the pain will be contained on canvas, and not deep inside me. But that's not true.
When I'm knocked down and broken, and left to pick up the pieces of myself, I lose a bit more of myself each time. Not everything can be glued back together again. And never stronger than before. I can't trust again. I'm afraid of people. I'm afraid of being close to anyone.
It's hard to get up each morning. I feel hopeless and helpless. It doesn't matter that everyone tells me otherwise. I don't feel that
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concerning pocky day; it was a success.

today is Christmas eve, at about 11:20 at night. that's all I wanted to say, so...

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Happy Holidays, Bonne Annee, Happy New Year's, and every other thing that I don't remember at present moment. =D


circium vulgare
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United States
i am a tomboy,virgo,girl,pessimist,procrastinator,and not afraid to get dirty.don't like pink or dresses/skirts or anything smart but lazy. i like crude/dark to cook but can't.quiet at violin.can sing too.mature for my to irratate people and argueing.never let my emotions take control.


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